The accidental Nudist

I think It was in the summer of 1980
when I accidentally had my first experience.
I was living in Kent at the time, and had decided to go for a head-clearing walk after a particularly tough week at work.
I made my way through the village of Darenth and kept up a manly stride along some long narrow lanes, alone with my thoughts.
After some time, it dawned on me that I had kept walking and not seen another being, just the occasional car.
It further dawned on me that it was now bloody hot with the combination of the physical effort, and the midday sun, and boy, was I thirsty. The trouble was that having walked so far, it seemed pointless just to turn back and I considered my best bet was to hope to come across a country pub where I could get a drink and then get a taxi back.
After about another half hour, a car drew slowly next to me, containing two females.
The older one shouted " Are you heading for the club?"
I immediately imagined some sort of golf or rugby club which surely must offer liquid refreshment,so I lied "Yes"
As I got into the rear, the younger of the two, who turned out to be the daughter asked how long had I been a member?   I replied that I wasn't, but I was intending to apply.
"don't worry" they said "we'll look after you"
As the car pulled into a long driveway, I thought I caught a glimpse of a naked man walking through a thicket in the distance. At first I thought I was going mad, and then it started to dawn on me that I might have made a terrible mistake!
My worst fears were realised, when the car entered the main gates. There were nude people everywhere! All shapes, all sizes, all ages...but nude. Yes, it was a naturist club!
I started to panic, what had I done?  - How was I going to escape this situation?
"you can sit with us if you want" said the women "we'll talk to the owner, and you can be our guest for the day"
It then dawned on me that the alternative to baring my body, was an extremely long walk back to the village. What a dilemma!
The two woman were by now starkers...I hadn't even noticed them removing their clothing. I took off shirt and jeans and sat on the grass to wriggle out of my underpants, feeling that the world and his wife were watching me.
After I had sat there naked for a minute, it was obvious that no-one had taken any notice of me at all, in fact everyone seemed very relaxed and cheerful. There were people playing tennis, families splashing in the pool, and groups just chilling out looking happy and content.
We're going in the pool, are you coming?" my two companions wanted to know.
I took a deep breath, and stood up to join them; It seemed that I was now a nudist, albeit an accidental one, but nevertheless, a nudist...
Nudist True Stories...Continued
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