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Because you are going to a naturist club, nudist holiday or some other clothes free location, you may think "what do I need to go shopping for? I will be nude! All I need is some "bare necessities" maybe some evening clothes and a towel!"

Well think again.

Here are just some of the items that might strike a chord for your next nudist outing..

Sunglasses, beach towel, bags, picnic bags, books, beach clothing for to and from the naturist area, such as sarongs etc. Lingerie because at some naturist resorts such as Cap D'Agde you will see people in the evening wearing anything from fully clothed, to semi-clothed to completely naked.

Flip-flops or other beach shoes, camera, video camera, body jewellery, moisturisers, make-up sun lotions, hair accessories, intimate body care, sun beds, sun loungers, beach umbrellas, beach hats, walking shoes, beach games such as beach bat and ball, frisby etc.
Games for the apartment if you are going on holiday, ipod or other traveling music device, Ipad if you want to keep up with the going ons in the rest of the world.

Luggage, of course, and then, depending on what style of naturist holiday, weekend or trip you are going on, maybe you need to hire a caravan or camper van or get a tent. Then you will obviously need all the appropriate camping equipment and accessories.

Are you flying to your naturist resort? In which case the list grows longer with the addition of flight bags, comfy shoes,cardigan in case the airplane air conditioning is too cold.

Just because you are going on a naturist trip doesn't mean you can go somewhere with just the clothes you are wearing. Or can you?

What's the minimum clothing or items that you have taken on a nudist vacation? Let us know.

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