The Benefits of Enjoying Retirement as a Naturist in the Sun...
I read this article a while ago...

A group of investors, Villa Sol Antiqua, have announced intentions to establish a nudist retirement center somewhere in north central Florida.

David O'Hara, spokesman for the group started that "We recognize the plight of people who desire to live clothes free who, when health fails, are forced back into the textile world. Our facility will be truly nude--residents, staff, nurses, even some cooperative physicians."

Now mindful of the fact that the posting date is April 1st, the chances are that this is an April fools online prank, but is the notion of a retirement centre for nudists totally far fetched?

Bearing in mind that recreational social nudity is very much on the increase, my belief is that there may well be in the future be retirement facilities for the clothes-free.

But what about the benefits of a naturist lifestyle as a retirement option?

In the UK, the options are limited, obviously because of the weather. Yes, you may squeeze three to four months of warmer temperatures, but that doesn't equate to three or four months of sunshine!

So ideally, to get all-year good weather, it's going to have to be somewhere abroad.

The Costa Del Sol on the Spanish mainland boasts of 300 days of sunshine per year, or you may prefer Gran Canaria or Fuerte Ventura which are both islands with a virtual year long summer. This together with the fact that in mainland Spain virtually all beaches are naturist beaches, or are beaches that can be used for naturist purposes, and in the Canaries there are also an abundance of nudist locations.

Retiring to the sun is a dream that many people have, but retiring as a naturist into the sunshine adds an extra special twist, especially if you are thinking about retiring to a naturist village
such as "charco del Palo" in Lanzarote, where you can spend your whole life naked!
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You can just imagine getting out of bed and not having to worry about clothes all day, swimming in one of the pools, eating a leisurely lunch before enjoying a naked two mile stroll through the sand dunes towards one of the local fishing villages.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it...

This sort of lifestyle has all of the positive benefits to make retirement a relaxing happy dream with all sorts of practical benefits as well, and that's apart from not having to purchase clothes or pay the laundry bill.

You'll feel better. Just being in the sun has many positive effects.

Did you know, for example, that according a study conducted by the university of Sydney and Melanoma clinic in 1982, that people with the lowest risk of skin cancer were people whose pastime was sun-bathing?

The same study showed that exposure to sunlight produced some of the same benefits as exercise,  increase in strength, endurance, energy, tolerance to stress, blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood sugar and lactic acid.

Sunshine is also a source of vitamin D which assists with the absorption  of calcium, which in turn
helps form and maintain bone structure. Vitamin D is also believed to reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as colon and breast cancer.
It is known that certain skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis are positively affected by sunlight as well.

So if you take all of these benefits and add them to the relaxed naturist lifestyle, what a retirement to aim for!

Did you take the plunge and retire abroad living as a naturist?  Let us know your experiences so that we can pass them on.

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