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Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
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Becoming a "Life Model" or "Nudist Model" is the easy part, but doing it successfully is another thing...

How to become a
Nudist Model.

Whatever your shape, size or colour, there
will be a person or an organisation that will
probably want your services as a nude model.

Hard to believe?..maybe, but its true.

Not everyone wants the stereo-typical long
haired manufactured traditional beauty, with
the slender figure, or the muscled he-man with
bronzed torso and the whimsical smile.
Now there is much more interest in “real”
people as photographic subject matter that others
can relate to.

This can be verified by the fact that there are an
increasing amount of “amateur” glamour magazines
and films, and the most successful Cam sites on the
internet appear to be the ones that feature ordinary

So what attributes would a nudist model need?

Starting with the basics;  cleanliness and smelling
fresh. Bear in mind that some photographers may
want to get close to you, to position you in the pose
that they require. There is nothing worse than stale
tobacco, alcohol, bad breath or body odour. Cheap
smelling perfume or aftershave can be unpleasant
as well. You are a nude model, and as already stated, whilst is doesn’t necessarily matter about your God-given appearance, you should at least make an effort with what you have.

Your demeanour, for example, should be pleasant, but not over-the-top. Photographers like interesting photos in the same way that Joe Public likes interesting photos, and an enigmatic smile, in many cases, maybe far better than showing off a mouthful of teeth.
Of course there are exceptions to the rule, and this is intended as a guide as to how to become a nudist model, not a series of hard and fast instructions.
Before attending your photographic session, wear practical loose fitting clothing. Do not wear, unless instructed by the photographer, socks, stockings or tight garments of any sort that will leave a mark on your body. This could severely dampen the chances of a “natural” nude shot. Even think about the shoes that you are wearing. Will the buckles or straps leave a mark?
There are a few things to think of, but luckily most of it is common sense.

So, having established yourself in your minds eye as a nudist model, how are you going to tell the rest of the world?
Like most small businesses, you may have to invest a bit “up-front” on a small portfolio of your pictures, and/or a website.
As far as the portfolio is concerned, there are some photographers that will take your photo’s at no cost, to you, but the quality of the photos might be questionable.

Having your own website, or even just a web page is undoubtedly the best way forward, because it will do the selling for you, complete with your contact information. However, the photos still need to be good.
The next thing is to advertise your nudist modelling services. Be strategic regarding where you advertise, for example there is little point in advertising in the back pages of a local newspaper. You may get some unwelcome attention from people getting the wrong idea from your advert!

The best place to advertise is where there is a like-minded fraternity, such as a family naturist magazine or a website such as Nudist UK, where there can be no doubt as to the integrity of both the nudist model and the photographer.

Useful Contacts:

Free Nudist Model advertising:-

Brand New Site:-

Enjoy The Naked Guide!
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John posing naked at life model art class
Tina - Nudist Life Model from Norwich in Norfolk featured on NudistModel.com
Life picture of nude Model Tina as shown on the Nudist Model website
Susi, Life Model, posing nude for Nudist Model.com
Tina, courtesy of NudistModel.com
John, courtesy of NudistModel.com
Susi, courtesy of NudistModel.com
Nude/Life Models Wanted!

Message from NudistModel.com

Hi everyone, we need more of you ladies out there to advertise yourselves here for free on the Nudist Model website. (we already have loads of Gents!) It doesn't matter about your age as long as you are over 18, how you look or what country you are from, there is a place waiting for you here at NudistModel,com

Thanks for reading...
Another portrait picture of the lovely Tina from Norwich in the UK. Check out the rest of her portfolio on the Nudist Model website
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