Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!

If you are considering having a naturist massage, then you are in for a treat. A massage of virtually any kind helps to bring a stress free mentality and a physical relaxation to the fore, when you then add in the factor of being completely naked, it just doesn’t get any better. Any inhibitions both mental and physical go out of the window, leaving you in a state of virtual meditation.

One of the general misconceptions is that a two way naked massage will lead to sex, and to be fair, if you and your partner indulged in a nude massage, then that would be the probably outcome. But when visiting a genuine masseur or masseuse, you will find that the relationship between you will be strictly professional.
There are various forms of massage, ranging from a quick shoulder, back and legs muscle rub, to a much more in depth massage such as a Lomilomi or Lomi Lomi massage.

The word Lomilomi comes from Hawaii and means “masseur, masseuse” and it is a form of healing massage. Typically, a Lomi Lomi massage can take up to two hand ours, will leave the recipient almost in a state of trance! - Whoever receives a Lomi Lomi massage will sleep very well that night!
Note:- When receiving a Lomi Lomi massage, the recipient doesn’t tend to care whether the masseur or masseuse is wearing clothes or not!

As far as nudist massage is concerned, there will be establishments that offer services far and beyond a simple massage, and the advice is to simply use common sense. Look at the website or the advert of the massage business, and you will find that the people offering the genuine nudist massage will be doing back flips to ensure that they are offering a naturist massage and a naturist massage only!
Whereas the other sort of massage establishment will advertise “intimate massage” or “body to body massage,” - which is fine if that’s what you want.
When you have your first naturist massage, you should expect a warm room, a massage table with a head rest section, relaxing music, expensive oils, and a masseur or masseuse who will strive to put you at your ease.
You will find establishments that offer a naturist massage in London, Manchester or any of the big cities, but please do your research first.
Our recommendation is to look at the adverts on proper naturist websites, such as Nudist UK, or in magazines such as H & E. (Health and Efficiency)
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When the masseur or masseuse is also nude, it adds yet another dimension to the process. It is sensual but not erotic (normally) . It is as if there is a shared bond of trust and enjoyment by both parties, and from the person being massaged point of view, it takes away any potential feeling of being subordinate which can be the case when the masseur or masseuse is fully clothed.
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