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Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
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Naturist camping is an activity that underpins the word “naturism” in the truest sense
Just imagine spending your holiday on a naturist campsite, sleeping naked, waking up naked, and then staying naked for the duration of your vacation, weather permitting of course, never once donning an item of clothing from the time you arrive to the time you leave.
It has to be the ultimate freedom to spend a few days completely nude surrounded by grass, woodland, wildlife, beach and sea, feeling totally in touch with mother nature.
Anyone who has been on such a holiday will tell you it is the most relaxing experience.

There are plenty of naturist campsites around the UK and Europe, and for an overseas nudist holiday with all the trimmings, you would be hard pushed to beat places like the huge nudist campsite at Cap d’agde, the campsite being part of the naturist village with proximity to long golden beaches, and plenty of nightlife - which people tend to dress up for!
However, many more people want to get away from the organised, social nudist holiday, and prefer a quieter totally informal relaxed vacation, with not-too-many more fellow naturist camper holiday makers around them.  There are many such nudist camping sites in the UK, France, Spain and other parts of Europe. The USA also offer what they sometimes call “Clothing Optional Campgrounds” in places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and many more.
Most of the naturist clubs in the UK have excellent facilities for camping, whether that be Camper van, caravan or tent, with all of the necessary services, toilets, showers and in some cases (hopefully) a club house with a well stocked bar.
There is a list of the naturist clubs featured here on Nudist UK, which indicate the availability of camping facilities, together with directions.
We at Nudist UK want to offer quality and accurate information to benefit all naturist holiday makers, so if you have an opinion about a naturist campsite, club or location then let us know. We’ve made it easy for you,  just put your name, email address (which won’t be published) and a brief account of your experience, and we’ll pass it on to our growing army of Nudist UK visitors.
Nudist Camping
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