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Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
Don't miss out on the various activities and events at Nudist Locations near you!
The problems with being a single
male naturist and how to
overcome them.

There is a view amongst single male nudists that they are unwelcome at many naturist clubs and gatherings, certainly in the UK

This is not quite true, the sort of people who are generally unwelcome in these places are perverts and nuisances, and since most perverts and nuisances are male, it is a logical point of view. In addition, anyone who runs a naturist club or site will tell you that many phone calls received, will mostly come from immature males, asking questions of a personal and sexual nature.

So how does a genuine male nudist in the uk overcome this problem?

Well the thing to remember is that naturists are people and expect to be treated as such.

Just because a section of people enjoy public nudity, doesn't mean that those same people are automatically sex maniacs. Naturists reflect society, in terms of likes and dislikes, so you will find male naturists who are sex maniacs in the same way as you will find black naturists, white naturists, Irish naturists, naturists who are car mechanics, bank managers, even a Church Minister or two!

So in exactly the same manner as if you were applying to any private club,
the Management and members of a naturist establishment like to know who they are dealing with, which is why there is normally an application and screening procedure.

Simply phone up your local naturist club and ask to make a pre-joining visit. If they immediately enquire whether you are a single male, then you will know that that particular club is over subscribed with male members, in which case, if your application for a visit is refused, ask to be put on a waiting list.

Probably the best way to apply for membership is to actually visit the premises on a dull week day when the club is not busy. The management may welcome the opportunity to show you around,and most importantly, meet you, and establish that you are a genuine nudist with no hidden agenda.

If you have had any problems regarding any naturism for men issues, then please email us at
Naturism for single men
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