To the uninitiated, the words nudist and fashion should not belong in the same sentence, and to be fair, many naturist's are content to be totally bare, not even wearing a watch or bracelet.

But nude fashion exists. You just have to go along to your favourite naturist beach to observe nudists wearing sarongs and footware whilst they are in the restaurant or shopping.

However, for the fashion-conscious nudist, there are opportunities to show off individual styles or wardrobe, not just the clothes that you wear on arrival at your usual naturist club or location, but the accessories that can accompany your nudity.
This could be anything from a designer watch or bracelet to piercing's that play host to expensive genital jewelry.
(note: some sun clubs do not allow genital jewelry displayed, so check first).

Some women that display matching nails, shoes, and earings, will top it off with a designer sarong.

However, it is the evening social events at naturist clubs that can really bring a completely different style to the table.

It is the perfect opportunity for people to let their imagination run riot, depending on the theme of the event.

If you attend a 'social' at your nearest naturist club,be prepared to witness the weird and the wonderful!

You will observe women wearing stunning top-of-the-range outfits, accompanied by designer shoes and handbags, and some wearing virtually nothing.

Depending on the theme of the event, some women will be wearing 'ann Summers' style outfits (sometimes the men too!)

It is extremely important to note that although these women are dressed provocatively, this doesn't mean that anything else is on offer! It's just a bit of fun that is enjoyed by all. As a naturist, there is generally a deep sense of trust with the community, that you rarely get elsewhere.

As far as the men is concerned, it depends on the event. There are those who are content to wear shirt and trousers, some will dress according to the event, and again there are those who will choose nakedness. Everyone is generally happy to socialise with each other, with no distinctions between the clothed and unclothed.

This attitude, however, is taken to a completely different level when visiting a non private club such as the naturist village of Cap d'agde in France, where fashion-wise, literally anything goes!

It makes for a really pleasant evening people-watching, whilst ensconced in one of the many bars on this massive site. Some of the outfits worn, are just fantastic!

You'll see club and party-goers all adopting different levels of sexiness and nakedness. Some have a 'swinging' agenda, but most just want to see and be seen, and have fun. If you intend going to Cap d'agde, and you're not sure what to pack, good news, there are plenty of clothes shops that cater for everyone!
Nudist fashion
What was the most unusual sight that you have witnessed in at your naturist club or at the nudist beach?
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