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Brighton Nudist Beach
The first thing to observe as you crunch along the pebble beach to the nudist area is just that; pebbles...not a grain of sand in sight!

However fussy a naturist is, he or she would at least much rather have somewhere to sunbathe naked than not. So pebble beach or not, it is at least, a nudist beach.

Nudist beaches in the UK to tend to be out well away from the main textile areas, but Brighton beach has become an exception.

When it first opened in the late seventies, it already had been an unofficial nudist beach simply known as Black Rock which was the name of the nearest part of town. The area at that time was at the very far end of the beach about three quarters of a mile from the main clothed section.

Since that time there has been major development in the form of a massive marina containing some high street shops, pubs, restaurants, dwellings and of course lots of expensive moored yachts and boats.

The edge of this complex is only around 150 meters from the nudist beach which is denoted by a warning sign

This means that unwelcome visiting voyeurs doesn't have to travel too far to achieve their aim.
When sun bathing on any nudist beach, it always feels a bit uncomfortable when there is an over-interested clothed person staring.

That aside, when the sun is shining, the beach is actually quite pleasant. You get used to the pebbles and use them to mold around your body, making a reasonably comfortable 'bed'

Note:- bring Flip-Flops to walk across the pebbles to the waters edge, otherwise you'll look like a staggering drunkard!

The sea water temperature obviously varies, but tends to get quite warm around August - September.

Apart from someone selling fizzy cans and ice-lollies from a cold-bag, there are no food or drink facilities on that part of the beach.

The nearest toilets are about 30 secs walk as you leave the beach, but they are closed down after September.

You can of course make a nice day out, and after tanning yourself in the nudist beach, head for one of the great restaurants which are five minutes away in the Marina. You'll find some household names such as Wetherspoons

Plus, don't forget that central Brighton itself, also has plenty to offer, with fantastic shops and restaurants. A trip around "the Lanes" is a must!
Brighton Nudist beach photographed during a break in the November showers!
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Brighton nudist beach in summer
Brighton Nudist Beach
The quay at the Marina near Brighton Nudist Beach
The harbour at the marina near the nudist beach at Brighton
Brighton Marina, just up from the Brighton nudist beach
The Nudist area at Brighton beach.
Pebbles and Nudists mix happily together!
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